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In March this year the Chancellor announced a series of changes to the way in which people can save. As of today you can now put up to £15,000 into your individual savings account (ISA). In addition to this increase from £11,880, the government also added some flexibility to the way in which your ISA allowance can be used.

Previously only half your allowance could be saved in cash, whereas now you can put your entire allowance in cash. Another added benefit is that you can now switch between cash and stocks and shares whenever you like!

It’s not just about adult ISA’s – Junior ISA allowance increases from £3,840 to £4,000 !


ISA Rules 2014 2015

Some things about ISA’s you may not know ….

  • Only 26% of individuals earning between £100k – £150k maxed out their ISAs
  • 2012/13 subscriptions Cash £40 billion, Stocks ‘n’ Shares £16billion
  • £443 billion was held in ISAs (as at April 2013) split 50:50 cash/stocks ‘n’ shares

Source – A National Statistics publication



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