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Chartered Financial Planning Firm

Our Chartered title is a public declaration of our commitment to professional standards.  We are very proud to be able to say that we are a ‘Chartered Financial Planning Firm’.

At Concept Financial Planning we consistently challenge ourselves to exceed the standards expected within the financial services profession. Simply put, we aren’t content with just meeting the standards, we continually strive to exceed them to enhance the service our clients receive from their financial planning team.

“As a firm we are exceptionally proud to be one of only 32 financial planning companies within the UK to have been accredited with the British Standard 8577.”

Concept was the 3rd firm in the UK to have been awarded the BS 8577 and recently became the only firm to have achieved this certification for 11 successive years!

This is a prestigious award which truly underlines our commitment to upholding the ethics, integrity and standards of the profession and gives our clients the confidence to know we are fully focused on helping them to build their financial futures.

‘Everything everybody does in this firm has the client’s interests at the heart of it’

Standards International 2022

To achieve the BS 8577 accreditation every aspect of the firm is rigorously assessed each year over two days to ensure we adhere to the expected standards. The areas of compliance, business objectives, policies and client relationship management are examined in detail along with many other areas of our business.

In order to ensure we are able to maintain our accreditation each year, the day-to-day running of our business is benchmarked against these standards. For us, the BS 8577 is not a certificate to simply be obtained it is one which is central to the foundation of our firm, proves our competence and ensures that the business is always in the best possible place to serve our clients and their financial planning needs.

‘The firms’ approach to business ethics and integrity is beyond question’

Standards International 2021

‘You deliver a rich financial planning experience. Each step is clearly explained and the Financial plans are bespoke for each client. The result is an amazing financial planning service’

Standards International 2021

The BS 8577 is not mandatory, however our commitment to undergo the assessment each year highlights our commitment to an internationally recognised benchmark which displays our competence and expertise.

In addition to this, we have also been awarded with numerous other awards over the years as listed below

  • British Standard BS:8577: Attained from 2012 to 2022
  • ISO 22222 Personal Financial Planning Certification
    Paul from 2009 to 2021
  • Pension Transfers Gold Standard from 2019 – 2022
  • Life & Pension Firm of the Year 2014, Highly Commended – FT – Financial Advisers
    Life & Pension Awards
  • Overall Life & Pensions Advisers Life and Pensions Awards 2013 – FT – Financial
    Advisers Life and Pension Awards
  • SIPP Adviser of the Year 2013 – FT – Financial Advisers Life and Pensions Awards
  • Winner ‘Best Retirement Planner 2012 – Money Facts – Good Advice Awards
  • Highly Commended ‘Best Retirement Planner 2011 – Money Facts – Good Advice
  • Highly Commended ‘Best Retirement Planner 2010 – Money Facts – Good Advice
  • Individual Pensions / SIPP IFA of the Year 2021 – FT Financial Advisers Life and
    Pension Awards