Our Charity Pledge

Welcome to our charity page. Please scroll down to see photos and videos of our most recent fundraising events.

Our fundraising is now supporting two charities;

Sebastian’s Action Trust

For Crowthorne we are supporting Sebastian’s Action Trust, (SAT) founded in 2004 from the last wish of Sebastian who wanted to help others beyond his lifetime and illness. His desire to create a special place where families facing enormous challenges could come together for memory making, rest and relaxation is the cornerstone upon which the charity’s family focused yet child centred model has evolved. We want to help on this journey


The Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Service

For Reigate we are supporting the Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance , unlike some other services this is fully charity funded. The dedication that the team put into saving lives is remarkable. As they say ‘We hope you never need us, but every year thousands of people do. And if you do, we’ll be there to fight for your life.?’ that was enough of a statement just to get us involved.


Supporting our local communities

The money we raise through various events and pro bono work will be donated to the charities.

Completed Fundraising events 2023

Tough Mudder

On Friday 22nd September Paul, Carl and Josh set out to complete a 5k tough mudder course with 13 obstacles. However, when they arrived the sneaky organisers had added in another 5 obstacles for them to overcome. That didn’t daunt the boys who were ready to go.
Here are some photographs and videos of their amazing effort. Remember…. Paul also completed the Reigate Half marathon less than week ago!

Hover over the photographs to see the captions.
Please be aware that there may be the odd swear word in the videos.

A first dip into the water…. but who goes in?
Team work on the Loch Ness Monster

After some more up and over obstacles and running there came “Everest”

The first attempt
Team work to get Paul up and over

And then just when they thought it was all over…. they were all in for a shock!!

Carl and Josh go first
And Paul followed

Paul’s sign off ….

Reigate Half Marathon

On Sunday 17th September, Paul completed the Reigate Half Marathon.
Thank you to those who have already donated, If you have been waiting for him to finish the race then here is his video diary ……..

We next catch up with Paul just after mile 9…….

Paul made it back to the park and the finish line in 2hrs 25, not a bad time at all considering there was no actual “physical” training completed beforehand. Well done Paul!

And here is his signing off video post race.

Now if that doesn’t deserve a donation – anything you can spare will be very gratefully received. Please use the links above to donate to your chosen charity.

Our next event

On Friday 22nd September 2023, “Team Concept”, Paul, Carl and Josh, will be taking part in The Vanguard Tough Mudder Takeover –
a muddy obstacle course that will push the team physically as well as mentally. They will need to work hard, together, to complete all 13 obstacles over a 5K circuit.

Photographs to follow post race!!

Previous Fundraising events

Last year we supported the Women’s Aid Refuge. As well as fundraising for them we donated our time and supplies to redecorate the lounge area for the families who use it.

We even managed to do some gardening to!

If you have any ideas about interesting ways we could raise funds, please do let us know.

Thank you for your support.

The Concept Team