Our Charity Pledge

Our focus for fundraising this year will be on supporting the Charity I Choose Freedom – formally Reigate and Banstead Women’s Aid.

I Choose Freedom is a small local independent charity dedicated to changing the lives of women and children fleeing abuse.

This fantastic charity looks after women and children who have been affected by domestic and economic abuse, it is a real issue that happens in our society and the Charity works very hard to rebuild lives.

Founded in 1984, they have provided safety and freedom for around 2000 women and 3000 children. The funds raised will provide support for the women, for the children and support for the family as a whole.

Supporting our local community

The money we raise through various events and pro bono work, will be donated to the Charity.

In September 2021 Paul and Carl took park in the Reigate Run Half Marathon. We are delighted to say that they raised over £1,700.

If you have any ideas on interesting ways we can raise funds, please do let us know.

Thank you for your support.

The Concept Team 

Registered Charity Name: Reigate and Banstead Women’s Aid  Charity Number: 289508