Our Process & Fees

To guarantee transparency and objectivity, we work on a fixed fee basis only. Once we know your objectives and the work that we will undertake, we will provide you with a proposal, in which we quote the number of hours, complexity and regulation risk, thus giving you clarity over the work and the fee.

Our process follows the three stages outlined below.

Stage 1 – Building Your Plan

Make contact

We send you a welcome pack

We hold a meeting to discuss your objectives

At the outset we establish and define our professional relationship with you. This includes agreeing the way that we will work with you to achieve your financial goals and includes how and when we are remunerated.

We prepare a proposal, detailing our scope of work and fixed fees.

We present your proposal to you

You accept the proposal

If you are happy with our proposal and fees, you engage our services and we start work. Welcome to Concept!

If you do not accept the proposal

If you don’t feel that our proposal will help you to achieve your objectives and offer great value, just tell us so and no fees will apply.

We are sorry that you do not feel that Concept could meet your needs and we wish you well on your financial journey.

Fixed fees applied as agreed in the proposal

We produce your financial plan

We gather all the information, take your objectives and goals and start building your bespoke Financial Plan as agreed in your proposal.

We present your financial plan to you

Once the team have put your plan together and are happy, we will invite you in to present your financial plan to you. This is where we show you how “everything comes together”, explain whether you can achieve your objectives, what actions you may need to take, and answer all your questions so you have a complete understanding of your financial life.

Stage 2 – Implementing Your Plan

Agree implementation & action plan meeting

We prepare a proposal detailing work and fixed fee

You accept the proposal

We will project manage the implementation of your plan using our efficient systems and processes to ensure everything is done in a timely manner. This includes preparation of paperwork, submission to counter parties and ongoing liaison to ensure correct handling. We keep you informed of progress at key stages.

If you do not accept the proposal

If you don’t feel that our proposal will help you to achieve your objectives and offer great value, just tell us so and no fees will apply.

Fixed fees applied as agreed in the proposal

We prepare the forms

The team prepare and complete the administrative tasks, taking the hassle away from you. You will be kept regularly informed of our progress.

We write the report

We prepare your bespoke implementation report. This is where the “science” of financial planning takes place and we explain the technical detail.

We present your implementation report to you.


Your actions are agreed and implemented.

Stage 3 – Continued Support

We present our membership service and fees

Once you have reached your desired destination it is vital that your plan be regularly checked and reviewed to take account of changes to personal circumstances as well as an evolving economic and legislative environment.

You choose which level suits you and your financial planning

Our Concept Membership is all about you and the value that we deliver.  It is built around time, complexity and regulatory factors relating to your financial circumstances.  The factors that we use within the membership are rated on a HIGH, MEDIUM AND LOW scale in order to achieve complete transparency for you.  This means there is no cross subsidiary in your membership fees.

Your membership is not about asset grabbing and obtaining all of your assets under our control, it is about delivering pure life financial planning to you in a systematic way, making your money work as hard as possible, and building your financial future for the life you want.

Welcome to the Concept Membership!


Should you decide you want a reactive service, or your financial planning does not suit a proactive review service under the membership, then you might find that our Transactional Scheme is the perfect fit for you. We will still be here for you, you can ask for further advice at any time in the future, and inline with our complete transparency, we will provide you with a detailed proposal for the work to be undertaken. We have a guide table for you to understand the fees, again these are based on the amount of time complexity and regulatory factors. Again this is built all around the value that we offer to you as the client, we understand different clients have different needs at different times of their financial planning journey. You can always be assured we are, ‘Here when you need us’.